Do You Think Hackers or a Virus Took Over Your Laptop? Act Fast and Protect Yourself

If something popped up on your computer screen that makes you think that your computer has been compromised and potentially hacked and someone is accessing all of your files and information, shut the computer down. If you think that you have lost control of the computer, but someone else is still connected to it remotely, you may also want to notify your Internet provider of the problems.

Log Out of Apps If Possible on Your Phone

You want to log out of all of your banking accounts and email accounts, shopping accounts, and social media profiles, or any other accounts that you think someone would have access to because they are automatically logged in on your laptop. Go to the option to sign out of all accounts on your phone. This may be able to help you limit some of the access that a hacker may have if this is part of the problem.

Find a Laptop Repair Shop

Take the computer to a laptop repair shop. Describe what happened to the professionals and let them look at the computer. As long as it starts, they should be able to get on and run the proper scans to see if the computer has viruses or if it was hacked.

If getting into the computer isn't possible, the laptop repair company will try to pull as much of the data that was on there or saved files off for you. They can also try to restore the device to the factory settings or install new software, so that you don't have to take the loss on the laptop and get a new one.

 Be on the Alert for Security Problems

Notify your bank, your friends and families that you email, and any other business or person that you think should know that there could be security problems. This way your financial institution can look for suspicious activity on your account. If the laptop professionals think you were hacked, you also may want to put a hold on your credit for 6 months so no one tries to take out a credit card or a loan in your name.

There are a lot of different issues that you have to worry about when someone hacks your laptop or computer with all of your private or work information. If this has happened to you, take action right away and visit a laptop repair service.