3 Advantages A VoIP Business Phone Line Has Over A Traditional Landline

As you work to set-up all the elements of your new business, you need to determine what type of business phone provider you want. You can go with a traditional landline system, or you can go with a more modern voice of internet protocol, or VoIP phone system. VoIP phone systems have a few distinct advantages over landlines for new businesses.

VoIP Offers More Customization

With a VoIP phone system, you have far more customization options than with a traditional landline system. With a landline system, you can set-up multiple phone lines for your business, and you can do basic things such as make conference calls.

However, with a VoIP phone system, due to its connection to the internet, you have access to a wide range of options you can't access with a landline. You can access not just voice conference calls, but video conference calls as well. You can get your voicemails sent to you as an audio file or even have them transcribed. With a VoIP phone system, you can also access your phone line mobile, so you are not tied to your office.

VoIP Offers More Versatility

When you set up a VoIP phone system, the platform has a lot more versatility compared to a traditional landline. You can integrate the system into other programs you use to run your business, such as your customer relationship management application. This will allow you to make answering sales calls much easier.

One of the biggest versatility options that a VoIP system offers is the ability to access and use your phone with a traditional phone system or from your smartphone, laptop or desktop. Your phone is connected to the internet, so as long as you can get on the internet, you can access all the features of your phone system. This is great when you are working out of the office.

VoIP Offers Lots of Functionality

A VoIP system offers so many more functions than a landline. If you are collaborating with a team in another state, you can enjoy a video conference. You can send out a page to everyone in your group. You can easily forward your phone calls to another number. VoIP phone systems are made for the ever-changing business landscape and can meet your needs no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Start your small business off right with a VoIP phone system that offers you more customization, versatility, and functionality than a traditional business landline phone system.