3 Benefits of Paging Systems vs. Intercom Systems for Restaurant Wait Times

If your restaurant is a busy establishment, then your customers are probably going to have to wait for a table from time to time. Some restaurants handle wait lists by asking for customers' names and then calling them out over the intercom when their table is available. Paging systems that vibrate when a customer's table is ready and that the customer can hold while waiting can be a better system, though. A few reasons why these systems are often better for restaurants are listed here.

1. Keep the Noise Down in Your Restaurant

For one thing, you probably want to provide your customers with the best and most comfortable accommodations when they are dining in your restaurant. Unfortunately, if customers have to hear names being called over the intercom system the entire time that they are eating, this can make for a rather unpleasant experience. Instead, try to focus on creating a better ambiance in your restaurant. If you pass out pagers instead, you can help keep your restaurant a little more quiet and peaceful, or you can allow your customers to focus on listening to the music or any other entertainment that might be available in your restaurant. It will also help with things like making sure that servers and other employees can hear one another and their customers when they're working, too.

2. Give Customers More Freedom While Waiting

Your customers might not want to wait right by the host stand while they are waiting for a table. Instead, they may want to wait in the bar or outside, or they might need to head to the restroom. Customers can have more freedom while waiting if they have a pager that they can take with them rather than having to wait in one part of the restaurant to hear their name over the intercom.

3. Avoid Mispronunciations

Lastly, you have to think about the possibility of mispronouncing a name when calling customer names out over your intercom system. This can be embarrassing for both the customer and the employee, and it can make things confusing as well. With paging systems, you don't have to worry about this.

Even though using an intercom system can be one way of dealing with restaurant wait times, it's not your only option. Investing in pagers to pass out to customers so that you can notify them when their table is available is wise for the three reasons listed above.

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