More Than Just A Landline Phone: Phone Systems That Do More

Phone systems, such as the NEC SL 2100 phone system, are more than just landline phones. They are designed to aid businesses and companies manage communication across multiple channels in ways that older phone systems could not. Check out the modern business phone system, and what it can do now. 

Remote Voice-Activated Dialing

Whether you are thirty feet from your desk or on the tenth floor following up on a conference you sent a couple of trusted employees to, you can use this feature to dial any stored number in the system with a few activation words. That is a neat feature, considering that you could not just do that with any company phone before. Now you can walk up to any of the phones in the same system, pick up the handset to activate the call and ask the phone to dial someone or dial a department. Because all of the same numbers are stored in the same memory bank for these phones, the phone will recognize your pre-programmed voice as the command voice and dial the number you asked. 

Transfer Calls Anywhere in the Building So You Do Not Have to Be Glued to Your Desk

Your administrative assistant says that a major client is on the line. Transfer the call to your office if you are on the way there. Transfer the call to the nearest conference room, or transfer the call to the nearest phone regardless of where you are. When you are constantly on the move, the phone system allows you to pick up the line from anywhere in the building. 

Have Voicemails Transcribed for the Hard of Hearing

Phone systems have become advanced enough that even smartphones now have transcription services that allow everyone to see what the call was about and from whom. If you, or any employee in the building, is hard of hearing or deaf, there are applications on the phone that allow voicemails to be typed out on the screen on the phone. If you are not hard of hearing/deaf, but you want the messages read to you out loud, you can press a different button on the phone and have the voicemails electronically read to you out loud. (Just make sure there are no voicemails read aloud that you do not want other employees to overhear.) If you need to keep messages, these newer phone systems allow you to save them indefinitely.