4 Signs Your Business Needs A New Internet Service Provider

In today's world, access to the internet is essential to the success of your business. So, when there is an issue with your access, you have a serious problem on your hands. If your current service provider does not understand your need for continued connectivity, it might be time to look for a new provider. 1. Slow Access If you can connect to your network, but the connection is slow, this type of issue is still problematic. Read More 

Best Business Phone System Plans for Call Centers

The last thing a call center needs is to have a phone system that is not good enough. As this is the way that customers will contact the business, getting this wrong will be a disaster. If there is nothing else you concentrate on, focus on this. If you are using a plain, standard business phone system, your call center will be providing a poor service regardless of the best efforts of the staff. Read More 

Select The Right Phone System For Your Small Business

Small businesses have very unique needs. They don't have the resources available to larger corporations, but their needs to stay connected are the same. The right phone system can help small business owners keep in contact with vendors and customers without breaking the bank. Try these tricks to help you find the perfect system for your business needs if you are looking to invest in a new phone system. Test Available Options Read More 

5 Types Of Equipment You Need When Switching To A VoIp System

If you are setting up a VoIP phone system in your office, there is certain equipment you are going to want to obtain in order to use your VoIP business phone service to its full potential. Desk Phones When you switch to a VoIP phone system, your phone service may come through your internet, but that doesn't mean that you must ditch a desk phone entirely. Instead, you need to switch to a desk phone that is designed to work with a VoIP system. Read More 

3 Benefits of Paging Systems vs. Intercom Systems for Restaurant Wait Times

If your restaurant is a busy establishment, then your customers are probably going to have to wait for a table from time to time. Some restaurants handle wait lists by asking for customers' names and then calling them out over the intercom when their table is available. Paging systems that vibrate when a customer's table is ready and that the customer can hold while waiting can be a better system, though. Read More